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Instagram Superzoom Records Dramatic Close-Up Videos with Sound Effects

By Alex Neil Posted Oct 27, 2017 in Instagram Info/ Social Media News


After Boomerang and Time Lapse, Instagram now brings another video feature that will let you create funny and creative short video clips. The feature is called Superzoom and it was launched on October 26, 2017 along with spooky Halloween masks and stickers.

It’s basically a camera feature that records short videos that can zoom in really close to the face or object that you are shooting and adds a dramatic sound effect that is in sync with the zoom feature. It’s up to you whether you create thrilling and suspenseful videos or funny clips.

You can access this feature by scrolling through options in the Instagram camera with the options of Boomerang, Rewind, normal and live videos. Both the front and the rear cameras can be used for this feature. So, you can record selfie videos or any other object in your surroundings.

The feature zooms three times during recording while focusing on the center object by default. But you can change that object by tapping on the object that you want to zoom in to and then press record. It will then record the video while adding the sound effect that is in sync with the zoom feature and gets more suspenseful by each zoom.

instagram halloween

The new spooky masks and stickers, when paired with the Superzoom feature, create an epic combination. Some of these masks are really spooky and funny at the same time including a vampire mask that can turn into a bat and a zombie. Then there are also special effects like lights under the chin and fog with night camera vision etc.

Basically, it will be a really fun Halloween at Instagram this year. The masks and stickers will stay on the app until November 1 only. But the Superzoom feature will remain available for long term, just like Boomerang and Rewind.


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