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Instagram Has Now Reached a New Milestone with 600M Users

By Alex Neil Posted Dec 19, 2016 in Insatgram/ Social Media News


We all have seen Instagram go through some serious changes over the past few months. Likable comments, live video, bookmarks, tags, zoom feature and Stories are just a few of them. Not to mention the algorithmic feed. The question mark with these changes was whether or not they will work for Instagram to gain new users or they will cause users to abandon the platform.

Well, it seems that Instagram, which had 500M users about 6 months ago, has now reached a new milestone with 600M users. It is also worth mentioning that it took 9 months for Instagram to reach 500M from 400M users. So, if we go by statistical results, the recent changes on the platform have done pretty well.

Even the algorithmic feed, which caused quite a stir when it was first introduced on Instagram, is now actually liked by its users. Just like Facebook’s algorithmic feed won the hearts of its users. People know that they will only see things they are interested in, so they open their newsfeed more often.

Also, the introduction of Stories is also one of the reasons of Instagram’s user growth. Stories have encouraged people to long into the app more frequently than they used to do before. Even though it is a feature that Instagram copied from Snap, it has still won people over.

So, going by the rate at which Instagram is changing lately, it’s safe to say that there are even more changes that the platform has in store for us in the near future. Will those changes be as successful? And how long will it take for Instagram to gain its next 100M users?


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