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Instagram Will Provide Special Support and Features for iPhone 7 Users

By Alex Neil Posted Sep 09, 2016 in Instagram News/ Social Media News

Instagram tools

Facebook and Apple seem to be working well with each other. With the introduction of new features in the Apple franchise on the launch of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, Instagram is offering an update which will enable users to utilize the latest iPhone features to their maximum potential.

Instagram’s head of design Ian Spalter showed up at the launch of iPhone 7 with the demo of the upcoming update. He demonstrated how exactly new Instagram features will pan out to take advantage of the enhanced iPhone camera and image processor.

The key features included in the upcoming update are as follows:

  • The main new feature will be how Instagram captures the true color of the image. With iPhone 7’s enhanced color gamut, Instagram will enhance its filters for more vibrant images.
  • You can create Boomerang GIF now within Instagram app itself with simple a touch of your finger. It will save a lot of your time that you spend making GIFs using Boomerang.
  • The final feature is the zooming ability. Last month, Instagram introduced zooming feature in the Instagram Stories when you slide up your finger. Now, with the dual cameras of iPhone 7 plus including the telephoto camera , Instagram will let you feel how far you have zoomed in.

All these features are not really astonishing, the part that’s interesting is that Insatgram (owned by Facebook) is collaborating with Apple. In this collaboration, Apple is doing what it specializes in a.k.a. the hardware and Instagram is providing the best software needed to used that hardware to its maximum potential.


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