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Instagram Gains 100 Million Users In the Time Span of Just 9 Months

By Alex Neil Posted Sep 23, 2015 in Instagram News/ Social Media Marketing/ Social Media News

Instagram 400m

Yesterday Instagram, which is owned by Facebook and centers around photo and video sharing, announced that it had hit 400 million users, 100 million out of which were gained just during the last 9 months.

This is the graph from 9 months ago:

Instagram Graph

Instagram team said in blog post celebrating 400M users:

Our community has evolved to be even more global, with more than 75 percent living outside of the US. To all the new Instagrammers: welcome! Among the last 100 million to join, more than half live in Europe and Asia. The countries that added the most Instagrammers include Brazil, Japan and Indonesia.

This rapid increase in users is despite Instagram launching its ad campaigns. This is good news for business users all over the world who are now using photos and videos in their social media marketing strategies.

The Instagram team also said:

Instagrammers continue to capture incredible photos and videos from all corners of the earth (and even the solar system). We’ve seen inspiring moments like the first surface image of Pluto and Champions League celebrations, as well as striking locales like the white pools of Turkey and a Namibian desert ghost town. These are just a few of the more than 80 million photos per day shared on Instagram.

More than 80 million photos per day are a excellent indicator of Instagram’s success. So, those business owners who do not still use Instagram for their social media marketing, Instagram will work for your business if you want it too. All you need is some creative ideas and a good camera.

As Instagram team says:

When Instagram launched nearly five years ago, 400 million seemed like a distant dream. Now, we continue to strive to improve Instagram — helping you experience the world through images and connect with others through shared passions.

So, all of you business owners out there, who think that you cannot achieve your dreams? Be creative in thinking about ways in which you can make your business progress.


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