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Instagram VS Facebook – Which One Is Better For Your Brand? (Infographic)

By Alex Neil Posted Dec 17, 2015 in Facebook Marketing/ Instagram Marketing/ Social Media Marketing

fb vs Instagram

We all know that Facebook and Instagram are owned by the same company but their progress rate is so much different than one another that it is incredible. Marketing strategies for both social media platforms are very different as well. Below are a few things that should help you decide whether you want to continue to use Facebook for your brand marketing or you should learn the ropes for Instagram marketing.

According to an infographic by selfstartr.com, Facebook has reached a somewhat stable ground when it comes to growth while Instagram is still growing rapidly.

Organic Reach (Without Paid Ads):

The potential percentage of users that can be reached without paid ads on Facebook is a mere 4% as of 2014 while that on Instagram is 26%. Instagram’s potential organic reach percentage has increased by 200% since 2012 while that of Facebook has decreased by 60%.

Ad Resistance:

Facebook users shy away from paid advertisements more than Instagram users. According to the infographic, only 32% of Facebook users engage with marketing brands regularly while follower to brand engagement rate on Instagram is 68%. Also, Instagram has 58% more engagement per follower than Facebook.

Instagram Boat has Space for marketers:

93% of business marketers use Facebook for social media marketing but only 36% of business marketers use Instagram. You can see that while Facebook is overcrowded with marketers, Instagram can still be an early start for brand marketers.

Instagram has No Filter:

Brands on Facebook reach 6% of their followers per post while Instagram allows brands to reach 100% of their followers. The followers just have scroll through their news feed for them to see the posts.

If the above reasons did not appeal to you, here is something else. An engaged follower on Facebook is worth $55 while that on Facebook is worth $65.

So, choose your boat carefully.

fb vs instagram infographic


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