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Is Instagram More Brand Friendly Than Facebook?

By Alex Neil Posted Mar 12, 2015 in Facebook Marketing/ Instagram Info/ Social Media News

How to make your business stand out on Instagram

Despite being owned by the same people, Instagram is overshadowing Facebook in Brand Marketing. Brand who posted on their Facebook page are now becoming discouraged due to the downfall of organic reach on Facebook. So, short of paid advertising, they do not have any other options in order to stand out on Facebook.

But Instagram offers a relief for them. The news feed of Instagram users is not interfered by algorithms which allows all of the brand’s posts to make it to its followers’ news feed. That is why brands who are involved in social media marketing seem to be posting on Instagram more than they do on Facebook. They are more active on Instagram too and rightfully so, because they get more response from their Instagram followers than they do from their Facebook fans.

Research conducted by L2 and Olapic confirm the same thing. They found out that:

  • Brands post an average of 9.3 times a week to Instagram, up from 7.5 posts a year ago.
  • Facebook posts decreased, meanwhile, from 11.1 to 8.8 per week.
  • Brand fan bases rose an average of 26 percent over the past year.
  • Photos perform better than videos. Users engage with photos 1.03 percent of the time and with videos 0.79 percent of the time.
  • Instagram’s Hyperlapse app, which speeds up video into fast-motion action, has fallen out of favor with just 2.4 percent of brands using it since its August launch.


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