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Instagram Adds a New Way to Reply to DMs

By Alex Neil Posted Sep 19, 2017 in Instagram Info/ Social Media News


Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, is always trying spruce up text, whether it is text status updates or text comments (the comments are still in the process of beta testing). First it was a colored background but then it evolved into stock images provided by Facebook so that your text update stands out more.

The same thing is happening to Instagram as well. The only text portion of the app is the direct messaging section. Now, Instagram will let you reply to text or photos with photos with text overlaying them. Yes, it sounds like a lot of fun, isn’t it?

The process of doing it pretty simple and straight forward. You just have to type the text reply that you want and then tap the camera icon which will let you overlay your text on the camera view and then you can take the photo to reply. There is also an option to change the color hue so that you can add some extra touch to your reply.

Instagram is constantly trying to update the DM feature of the app and now over 375 million users are actively using it. That accounts for half the monthly active Instagram users. It may be partly because it wants to give businesses a good opportunity to recruit more customers. A possible proof of this may reflect in the fact that the platform added the ability to share links via direct messages. That is huge because if you are an Instagram user, you must know that you can’t put links in the captions of your posts.

The way this new feature can be used by companies is that they share images of products with text describing it. Or they could also share some ‘how to’ step by step explanations of their products or services. So, although the update is aimed at every single Instagram user, the social media marketers have the potential to up their marketing game with it.


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