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How to Increase your Organic Reach on Instagram

By Alex Neil Posted Jun 13, 2016 in Instagram Marketing/ Social Media Marketing


Organic reach on social media can be defined as the number of people who actually saw the material and other stuff that was posted or shared by you on your page because they have been following your page or account. We are living in the digital age where use of technology and social media has become a necessity for businesses so that they could competitively survive.

In current economic environment, businesses are facing intense competition because numerous brands are using social media platform e.g. Instagram, Facebook etc.  for marketing purpose. Customers have high switching power so as a brand it’s quite a big challenge for you to keep informed and engaged your customers about your activities.

Let’s have a look on some tips which can be helpful for you in order to increase your organic growth on Instagram if you are using this platform for marketing and other business activities.

Focus more on the quality of posts:

If you want more eyes to see your contents and posts, pay attention to the quality of your work that you are delivering. For example, if you are posting some pictures of your new product line then make sure that images are clear and they have been taken with good quality. Caption plays a very important role to seek attention of your customers or followers. Make the captions of images interesting and unambiguous.


In case of Instagram, hashtags are the new trend and way to show your feelings or your thoughts. Come out of your comfort zone and think of different as well as unique hashtags to bag your follower’s attention.  Create a unique but promising hashtag, let’s say about a special occasion and encourage others use it as well. As people start using it you can re-post your follower’s posts or you can just like their posts. This will be a great source to increase your brand recognition.

Pay attention on customer’s perspective:

In my opinion, businesses can increase their organic reach on Instagram by emphasizing on the insights and interests of their customers. You should try to understand what your followers expect from you and give priority to their feelings.  Try to figure out what your followers like by reviewing your post. If a post has more likes, then it indicates your follower’s interests.

Another important factor that can increase your organic reach is that you should make your followers feel like they are your family. For example, give your existing and potential followers a treat by posting some personal stuff. This will give them warm vibes and they will definitely feel your compassion and considerations towards them.  Encourage your followers and customers to give their opinions and thoughts about some specific service or product of yours and then take their views into consideration.

Actively respond and socialize:

Be sure that you are actively participating and responding to the queries or concerns of your existing and potential customers or followers.  Pay attention to the feedback of your followers. In addition, try to socialize with your customers/ followers by liking their posts or by commenting on their pictures. Or you can do the same thing randomly by commenting on other brands post. Moreover follow back your follower or send follow request randomly. This act will bring your brand’s name in lime light and this will surely increase the level of your fan following.

Engage your followers in some fun activity:

You can introduce some sort of game to boost up the number of your followers. For example, you can ask your existing customers and followers to take part in a fun activity like a quiz or some other sort of game which is arranged by you obviously. And ask them to share that fun post with their social circle and mention some sort of reward for the person with maximum shares.  You can increase your reach and followers with this simple and easy step.

Include the above mentioned tips in your social media routine if you want to increase your organic reach on Instagram on its newly algorithm based news feed and soon you will start to see positive results.


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