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‘Haters Gonna Hate’ – How To Keep Your Brand on The Safe Side

By Alex Neil Posted Aug 25, 2015 in Facebook Marketing/ Google Marketing/ Social Media Marketing/ Twitter Marketing

Dealing with trolls

Social media marketing is one of the best tools when it comes to building brand awareness. Business owners from all over the world do it using different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Google+ to become popular without spending a lot of money.

But everyone of those, who use social media marketing to build brand awareness, knows that trolls exist. Either they have first hand experience of this or they have it seen it over the internet at one time or another. For those of you who do not know what the term ‘troll’ means, troll is someone who criticize just for the sake of criticism or in other words, ‘haters’.

Every once in a while you come across a negative feedback which is not just positive criticism. No, it is much worse because it is really vile. Now, what to do to prevent these trolls from ruining your brand reputation? Here are a few tips:

Establish A Well-Detailed Comment Policy:

The first step in making sure that trolls don’t ruin your business is to establish a well-detailed user comment policy. You can explain in that about what type of comments will be unacceptable on your page. If you are confused about what to put in your policy, take a look at the comment policy of Content Marketing Institute.

Feign Ignorance:

Trolls thrive on attention. The more you feed them, the more they will harm you. Ignoring them is the best that you can do because if you don’t engage with them, they will most likely not bother you again.

Lighten Up The Mood:

If someone trolls your page, one way to deal with it is to make a funny and witty as well as an apologetic response which lightens up the mood a little. Don’t make fun of the troll or laugh at them because that will ignite a fire that you will not be able to extinguish in time.

Block Them:

If trolls remain persistent and become a nuisance, the best thing you can do is to remove them from your community. Report them as irritating or annoying and block them. Do not provide them with a platform on which they can insult you again and again.

Earn Loyalty:

If you have a community of supporters who are loyal to you, chances are that they will crush the troll with their comments. They will defend you like a frontier army. But keep an eye on them to make sure that the situation doesn’t get worse.

Be Considerate:

Listen to all the things that your followers and customers are saying. Yes, even the trolls. Because you never know when you are actually in the wrong. So, take all the comments into consideration and if what the troll is complaining about is an actual problem, deal with it and improve your quality and then notify the troll/unsatisfied customer that you are sorry for the inconvenience and that you have taken their complaint into consideration have resolved the issue.

State the Facts:

If someone is complaining about something that is actually not true, you can fight back if you want but with facts. You can have a template response ready to explain that your company is doing no such thing and they must have a misunderstanding.

Bring the Fight to a Private Location a.k.a. Emails:

If you are worried about that the negative feedback will cause problems for your company, tell them to email you if they have any problems regarding your brand. This way you can resolve the issue and keep your reputation intact.


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