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Hashtags on Facebook – Should You do it?

By Alex Neil Posted Jul 13, 2016 in facebook/ hashtags/ Social Media Marketing/ Uncategorized


I’m sure many of you are already aware of the idea of hashtags and must be using hashtags in daily surfing of internet. Use of hashtags has become quite common in social media. However, if you are still confused about the usage of hashtags, let me help me you out.

Hashtags are actually simple keywords which are used to show a trend. In a hashtag, all letters and words are spelled without any space and a sign of ‘#’ is added at the start of joined words. Mostly hashtags reflect an ongoing trend. Originally, hashtags were a source to filter required information from a huge available data. Gradually, it became a trend to use hashtags in social media posts. The main purpose of using hashtags is to start a conversation or spread awareness about a specific thing on a broader level.

The hashtag trend has become very popular over time among individuals as well as businesses. Now people use different hashtags to reflect and convey their thoughts and businesses mostly use as a campaign for their social media marketing. The popularity of this trend is mainly because of the fact that hashtags make a post clearly visible and highlighted.

Now, coming back to our main discussion: Whether use of hashtags is beneficial on Facebook or not. If we compare the usage of different social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook etc. then it is quite evident that hashtags are less popular on Facebook.

First of all, I’m going to discuss from an individual’s perspective. The main purpose of an individual while using Facebook is to keep contact with his close social circle that is friends and family mostly. All the updates and posts from family and friends are made available to the user right from his news feed.

There is another factor which reduces the usefulness of Facebook hashtags. A person’s activities on Facebook are kind of personal and private. Only people with allowed access can see your stuff. Therefore there are little chances that people from outside of your circle will see and respond to the hashtags. So, from an individual’s perspective, it is less likely to use hashtags on Facebook to filter out information.

Now let’s talk about the usefulness of Facebook hashtags from a business’s perspective. The main focus of business using social media platforms for marketing is to increase the engagement rate. Analysis shows that hashtags don’t really boost up the engagement rate. Apparently, there are two big reasons for this.

The first reason is while using Facebook, audience shows much of a passive attitude i.e. people mostly rely on the posts that are being shown in their news feed. Although one must have liked a lot of pages of different brands but it is highly unlikely that he/she goes to their pages regularly just to see what is new.

The second reason is Facebook is primarily used for interactions and for communication between social circles. On the other hand, when a person log into Twitter or Instagram it is most likely that he spends most of the time to scroll through latest updates of his favorite activity using trendy hashtags and mostly he participates actively in the discussions etc. That is why use of hashtags on Facebook is not as beneficial as it is on other social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter etc.

However if you still want to give it a try and use Facebook hashtags for marketing purpose then there are some points that must be kept in mind while forming a strategy.


Continuously review your posts that contain hashtags to see whether they have any positive impact on your engagement rate or not.


Since hashtags are trending for platforms other than Facebook, cross posting of your content might be a good idea. It can actually save lots of time in your marketing strategy.


Make sure you have set your privacy settings on the public option so that your content could have high visibility. Anyone can see and respond to your shared stuff.


Don’t use hashtags that have already become viral because they can’t help you to stand out. To gain competitive edge and to draw attention you must use creative and unique hashtags for your posts.

I hope this article helped you in deciding whether or not you should use hashtags in your Facebook marketing campaign or not. Remember, every business is different and what doesn’t work for others might work for you. So, keep trying things out to give them a chance of showing their potential.


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