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Google Launches ‘Hangouts’ as a Separate Website for Online Communication

By Alex Neil Posted Aug 19, 2015 in Google Marketing/ Google+/ Social Media News

Hangouts 2

Hangouts is a service that Gmail provides to enable chat, voice calls and video calls among Gmail users. But until now, the users had to sign into Gmail in a browser to use Hangouts. And for those users who were looking for a way to not having to log into Gmail but still be able to use Hangouts, Google has launched a separate website for Hangouts which is easier to use and pretty to look at. The URL for this website is hangouts.google.com.

Hangouts 1

The design of the website is user friendly. On the right, there are large icons with options to start a message chat, voice call and video chat. You can do a group video chat with up-to 10 people. On the left is your chat history, conversations, contacts, and many more options that are very easy to navigate. There is a three dot (…) option by clicking on which you can access the download links to android, iOS and chrome version of Hangouts app. You can also change Hangouts settings according to your preferences.

You Hangouts can be synced with all your devices so you can continue your conversations no matter which one of your devices you use.


This move is similar to what Facebook did with Messenger. In April, Facebook created a separate website named Messenger.com that is essentially Facebook chat service but on a bigger scale and really easier to use. Twitter has also removed its 140 character limit to let users take advantage of the private chat service.


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