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Google will Introduce Fact Checking for News Articles

By Alex Neil Posted Oct 15, 2016 in facebook/ Google+/ Social Media News


Yesterday, Google made an announcement that it will introduce a fact checking tag on Google News so that the articles that have factual information are displayed with the trending topics.

‘Don’t believe everything you see on the internet.’ We’ve heard this countless times but still every now and then, we see something and immediately think it’s accurate. Want an example of what I’m talking about? Facebook.

You must have seen many posts on Facebook that are not true. They are either hoaxes, fake or downright misinforming. With fact checking being not available on Facebook, anyone could post anything and call it news. Also, the links that these ‘news’ point to are usually some website that needs traffic. Or there could be actual article written about the so-called ‘news’ but it’s all a bunch of hocus pocus.

But now, with Google introducing fact-checking, we can safely assume that Facebook and other platforms will follow suit too. Especially platforms like Facebook, which have unintentionally become the source of news for majority of people, this step needs to be taken as soon as possible.

We all know how Facebook picks out trending posts. The posts with the most likes, comments and shares are chosen as trending. It doesn’t matter that the post is downright offensive to some people or is completely unoriginal or truthful, it’s still a trending post and it will be featured by Facebook.

This has caused a lot of conflicts over the years and now it’s time for Facebook to take the same step that Google is taking. This will go a long way into making the internet as credible as possible.


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