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How to Find Out the Best Time to Tweet

By Alex Neil Posted Aug 07, 2015 in Social Media Marketing/ Twitter Marketing

Best time to tweet on twitter

If you have a Twitter account dedicated to your brand marketing and you are looking to grow your active followers, you are probably wondering about what time will be best for you to tweet so that you can get the maximum benefit out of Twitter.

The whole World Wide Web is filled with statistics and infographics about it and the one things that is certain is that the best time to tweet is different for every brand because it is mainly based on the geographical location and the target audience. If you want to know what time will work best for you, you have to take the following things into consideration.

1- Geographical Location:

The geographical location of your brand and that of your audience is the main factor when trying to determine the best time to tweet so that you can get maximum social engagement. The best time to tweet in New York, U.S. will not be the same as that is Paris, France. So keep the location of your brand and your audience in mind. If your target audience is from different time zones, it will be best if you create a different Twitter handle for each time zone separately.

2- Social Engagement:

You can determine the best time to tweet but only if you have sufficient social engagement with your followers. If you do not have active followers, you cannot figure it out because there will be no social engagement to begin with.

3- The Correct Tool:

There are a lot of tools (free or paid for) on the online market that help you determine the best time for you to tweet to your followers. For example, SocialBro has the feature to analyze the timelines of your top 100 followers to determine when are they active most in the whole day and then give you a report about what time will be the best for you to tweet. There are more tools like this on the market like TweetStats, WhenToTweet, Tweriod, TweetReports and TweetWhen.


Again, all the tips will be useless if you do not engage with your followers. Do not just wait there waiting for people to acknowledge you. Engage with your followers tweets and make them feel important so that they do same courtesy to you too. Being social is the utmost important key in social media marketing without which your every attempt will be destined to fail sooner or later.


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