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Facebook’s standalone app ‘Lifestage’ has taken videos to a new level

By Alex Neil Posted Aug 22, 2016 in facebook/ lifestage/ Social Media News

facebook lifestage

Facebook’s new standalone app, which was launched on Friday, is a really innovative and interesting app for kids 21 and under. Anyone 22 and over will only be able to see their own profiles and won’t be able to connect with other people. There is a security measure in place as well, in case someone sketchy tries to reach the kids.

Lifestage is basically an app where kids can connect to other students at their high school. Instead of filling in the bio section with text, users will need to upload video clips. For example, their smiling face will need to be filled with a short video clip of them smiling. There are a bunch of different questions like: your smiling face, your laughing face, your sad face, your angry face, your scared face, your embarrassed face, your dislikes, your likes, your dance moves, your boyfriend/girlfriend etc. As you answer questions, more questions will be unlocked.

Your friends from school won’t show up in your app unless 20 or more people have signed up from your school. This is kind of like the way Facebook was launched back in 2004: from school to school and college to college. This a great way to get people to encourage their friends to also download and sign up for the app.

Lifestage shows your friends who have recently updated their profiles with a cool sunglasses emoji, those who haven’t updated it for a while with a grimace and those who haven’t updated it for a very long time with a poop emoji.

It takes all the video clips you upload and make it one video profile which will be visible to your friends. If someone tries to troll you or cause you trouble, you have the option to block or report them as well. It’s a great app for high schoolers to know more about their fellow students and build a strong bond.

It’s not a messaging app as there are Messenger, Whatsapp and a bunch of other messaging apps available to connect with other people. What this app is designed for is to let kids know more about their fellow students and if they like what they are as a person, they can always befriend them on other social platforms like Facebook, Insatgram, Snapchat etc. There is an option of ‘Reach Me’ which lists all the different platforms the users can connect with a person.

The app seems really promising but will it stay that way or will it share the same fate as Facebook’s other standalone apps like Notify, Poke, Paper and Slingshot? That remains to be seen. The app is only available for iOS users in the US for now.


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