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Facebook’s New Messenger Tool Could Allow Businesses to Broadcast Texts

By Alex Neil Posted Nov 28, 2017 in facebook/ Social Media News


This new tool was first reported by Mat Nirvana of The Next Web and is called Messenger Broadcast. Apparently, Facebook is thinking of trying to squeeze more revenue from its chatting app which has over 1.3 billion users. With the help of this new tool, businesses could send out mass texts to their customers and followers.

Facebook has confirmed that the tool is definitely in the works but is being tested internally and has not ventured out to public and businesses. While the details are not exactly clear, the tool is designed to send out a welcome text with title, subtitle and a call to action button to visit some website or check out some promotion etc.

The mass text can be sent for free out to people who have already initiated a conversation with the business in the past. It’s yet unclear whether there will be option for reaching more people by paying some money like Facebook ads.

Messenger Broadcast

The product is still in the trial phase and not really guaranteed to be rolled out as explained by a Facebook spokesperson to TechCrunch:

“We often test products, features and ideas and are always exploring new ways to make it easier for businesses to deliver great experiences to their customers. Once we’ve tested them internally we make a call as to whether or not to ultimately release them. As such we don’t comment on unreleased features.”

Facebook has been really careful with monetizing when it comes to Messenger due to a lot of competition on the market for chatting apps. If Messenger begins to feel spammy, people may move on to the next best option. So, for now Facebook has no plans to allow businesses to broadcast text messages to all the followers whether they have initiated the conversation with the brand or not. They will only be able to send it to people who have already texted them on Facebook at some point or another.


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