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Facebook’s New Ad Updates: Snooze and Recent Ad Activity

By Alex Neil Posted Sep 20, 2017 in facebook/ Social Media News

facebook ads

If you look at today’s Facebook and compare it to 2004 version when it was launched, you will not believe your eyes. There is absolutely no comparison. And the reason behind that is that Facebook is constantly trying to improve the platform and make it more user friendly. But while it wants to please its user base, it also can’t displease the advertisers that choose Facebook ads to market their businesses. So, each and every update should be balanced, right?

Well the latest two updates are perfectly balanced. They are not yet rolled out to all the users but they probably will be if the beta tests are successful.

The first one is the ‘snooze’ ads from certain advertisers. Before this new option was the option that let users completely unfollow annoying advertisers. The new feature benefits both users and the advertisers. It gives users the option to snooze certain advertisers for 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days. It benefits advertisers because after the snooze period, their ads will again reach their target audiences instead of people unfollowing them permanently.

The second update is the ‘recent ad activity’. If you are an avid Facebook user, you probably had moments when you clocked an ad but couldn’t really purchase the item then and there. But after a few days, when you were ready to buy that product, you couldn’t find the ad because the ad was so far down the news feed. The new update lets you track your ad activity in the past three months. So, if you clock an ad and then later access it again, you can do it by clicking the ‘Recent Ad Activity’ tab in the sidebar bookmarks in Facebook app or desktop website.

You can see how it will benefit Facebook regular users. But it also benefits Facebook advertisers. People could go back and make a purchase on the same ad that they had already bought items from. It is also a way for advertisers to be remembered by people.

The ‘Recent Ad Activity’ feature has been rolled out to all the U.S. Facebook users and based on the success rate, Facebook will make it available in other countries as well. The snoozing ad feature is currently in beta testing as well.


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