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Facebook VS Google: Which is 21 Century’s #1 Website of the World?

By Alex Neil Posted Oct 25, 2013 in Facebook Marketing/ Google Marketing/ SEO/ Social Media News


Researchers at Oxford University have reviewed each country’s most used website to find out the #1 most visited website of the world; either it is Google or Facebook. According to Mr. Stefano De Sabbata and Dr. Mark Graham, they tried to show the statistics with the help of a map envisioning each country’s most famous website using simplified design inspired from Age of Empires video game. The Oxford University researchers explain their methodology:

“The map uses freely available data retrieved from Alexa on August 12th, 2013. The company has provided website analytics since 1996. Alexa collects data from millions of internet users using one of over 25,000 different browser extensions, and the data used for this visualization were calculated “using a combination of the estimated average daily unique visitors to a site and the estimated number of pageviews on that site from users in that country over the past month.

The data are visualised as a choropleth map, where the colour indicates each country’s most visited website. Starting from the evident dominance of two companies (Google and Facebook), whose colours (red and blue, respectively) cover most of the map, we styled the illustration as an old colonial map, and named it after the computer game series Age of Empires.”

As a fact, Google and Facebook both rule most of the parts of the world leaving Asia continent because local websites and portals have given convenient substitutes to users and thus they are dominated the Asian market.

According to researchers, Google is most visited in European, North American and Oceanian countries whereas Facebook rules in the Middle-East, North Africa and Spanish countries located in South America. However, Yahoo has maintained a strong position in Japan as Yahoo! Japan which is partnered with SoftBank – A Japan-based Company. Yahoo also has stronghold in Taiwan.

The map does not give complete information as there are some countries not included in it. Here’s how the researchers explain this matter:

“Alexa does not provide much information about countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. However, most countries that have a significant Internet population are covered. Kenya, Madagascar, Nigeria, and South Africa fall within the sphere of Google’s empire, whereas Ghana, Senegal, and Sudan have been subsumed within Facebook’s dominion.”


The countries where Google is ruling have got nearly half of the internet worldwide users with a count of over 1 billion online active users. However, the locations Google is dominating have got more landmass. Besides that, Facebook loses the race against Baidu – A China-based search engine, when the total internet population is brought under consideration.

In conclusion, it is still not certain that either Google rules the world or Facebook. However, one thing is for sure. Both have a tough competition going on and the heat is burning!


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