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Facebook Will Let Users Block Certain Types of Ads

By Alex Neil Posted Dec 17, 2016 in facebook/ Social Media News


If some of the ads you see on Facebook upset you, Facebook is going to do something about it. Facebook wants its users to enjoy their time and if certain types of ads are getting in the way, those ads need to go. Facebook will help people avoid ads focusing on certain topics.

For now, Facebook is focusing on just two categories as a test. Those categories include alcohol and parenting ads. According to Facebook, these are the most common types of ads that upset people. And that more categories will be added based on user reports and analytics.

Mark Rabkin, VP of core ads at Facebook, said, “Those are the two most common topics. For families who experience the loss of a child, to continue to see ads about parenting and new baby stuff, that can be really upsetting.”

Before now, there was an option of blocking ads from certain pages if you don’t like it. But it was after you’ve seen them and have been affected by them. With this latest update, you will not have to see those ads in the first place. Ad preferences can be set and if you’ve set up what kind of ads you’d like to see, this new update will not change those settings.

“We’re not changing any existing settings here,” Mr. Rabkin said. “We’re just changing how it appears.”

Now, in the ad preferences section, there is a new tab labeled ‘Hide Ad Topics’. For now, there are only two categories but based on test results, Facebook will add more filters.


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