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By Alex Neil Posted Nov 23, 2017 in facebook/ Social Media News


Facebook is the social media giant because it is always trying to be better and provide the best user experience. The trial of a new feature is the case in point because it would definitely make the platform easier to navigate.

First reported by The Next Web, Facebook is testing out a new feature that will let you save posts in an organized way in the form of Instagram-like ‘Collections’. This will help you find the post that you want to revisit much easier than scrolling through countless saved posts related to random stuff.

facebook collections

The feature works just like Instagram as observed through the screenshot posted by Mari Smith. When you click on save post, you will be given a prompt in case you want to add it to a collection. You can revisit those collections from your saved posts menu.

It is definitely a useful feature to have, especially for people who are on the go constantly and save a lot of posts to watch or read later in a time that is more suitable for them. The organized folders will help them navigate the saved posts in a much easier way and they can decide what kind of posts they are in the mood for, like long text posts, funny videos, interesting facts etc.

It will also be useful for people who like to shop through the platform. They might see something they like in their news feed and they save it for later. They won’t have to scroll through random and unrelated saved posts in order to find the post they are looking for. They could simply get to it if they have added it to a collection reserved for posts related to shopping.

For now, this feature is available only for a bunch of users for beta testing as all of the new features are. It’s not yet clear whether or not it will be available globally.


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