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Facebook is Testing Ads for Apple TV and Roku TV Apps

By Alex Neil Posted Nov 06, 2016 in Facebook News/ Social Media News


In the Q3 earnings call 2016, Facebook expressed its concern that the ad growth will start slowing down in 2017. To take care of that problem, Facebook is now looking to sell video ads for Apple TV and Roku TV apps.

According to Recode’s report, Facebook will deliver video ads that run on apps available on the set-top boxes in partnership with publishers A&E and Tubi TV. Facebook already sells third-party mobile app ads through its Audience Network tool. Ad publishers invest in these ads because of the audience insights that only a giant network like Facebook or Google can provide.

For now, the company is just running in-house Facebook Live ads and non-profit ads just to test out the feature. There is no concrete detailed plan such as the video length and the format. The test is just to see if it will be a success. As a Facebook spokesperson said to TechCrunch:

“We are testing how to best deliver video ads through Audience Network to people watching content on connected TVs. Our goal is to bring relevant ad experiences to people both on Facebook and off.”

The thing that entices buyers to invest in Facebook ads is the targeting options that come with them. If Facebook finds a way to personalize the ads running on TVs as well, these TV ads will probably be a huge success.


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