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Facebook is Going to Test Mid-Roll Video Ads

By Alex Neil Posted Jan 10, 2017 in facebook/ Social Media News


If you get really frustrated with the ads that show at the beginning of YouTube videos, get ready to be even more frustrated. According to industry sources, Facebook is now going to test ads that show up in the middle of the videos.

These mid-roll video ads will show up after at least 20 seconds from the beginning of the video. Facebook is planning to share the revenue it’ll make from these ads with the publishers whose video they’re going to appear in. Apparently, Facebook will split 55 percent of the revenue with the publishers. That’s the same as YouTube which is currently the king of video ads.

Until now, 3 seconds is all it takes for marking a Facebook video as viewed. But with this new format, Facebook will likely extend this video view count limit as well. Facebook is now placing more importance on the time the video is being watched as compared to the number of views it gets.

These new ads will only appear after the video has been watched at least 20 seconds and they will only show up in videos which are longer than or at least 90 seconds long.

With this new ad format, Facebook video publishers will put in extra effort to make their videos long. Up until now, video creators have been trying to put as much as they can in short videos so that people don’t lose interest. Now, they’ll put in more work for creating long videos that don’t compromise on the quality.


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