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Facebook Puts Marketplace on Hold to deal with Illegal Listings

By Alex Neil Posted Oct 06, 2016 in Facebook News/ Social Media News


Nothing worse could have happened to Facebook’s Marketplace than people selling illegal services via the platform. Marketplace is an online store feature that Facebook launched on Monday to help businesses sell their services.

What the company apparently didn’t expect was that there are all kinds of services out there that people offer – including illicit and illegal stuff. There were a large number of listings on Marketplace that fell under this category. Let me give you a few examples of how exactly things went wrong.

People were selling guns and other arms. There were also people offering adult services. Then there was a guy who was actually selling his farm hand as if he were a thing. There was also a listing of a pregnant girlfriend for $400. Do you get the picture?

Anyways, as things got out of hand, Facebook decided to halt the service altogether. Now Marketplace is being put on hold as Facebook deals with these cases. Facebook now intends to use softwares that will detect what is being showed in the picture so as to prevent illegal and illicit listings before they are even posted. Also, as before, Facebook users will help the company by flagging inappropriate stuff for Facebook to monitor and take action.

When the Marketplace goes live again, it will hopefully have better filters and softwares in place to avoid such an issue in the future.


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