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Facebook Offers Sound Collections for Video Makers

By Alex Neil Posted Dec 08, 2017 in facebook/ Social Media News


If you are social media marketer on Facebook struggling to find good no-copyright music tracks for your videos, your prayers have been answered… kind of.

Today, Facebook announced that it was rolling out Sound Collection for video creators, who use Facebook and Instagram, to use free music tracks and sound effects without fearing the copyright infringement clause.

Just like YouTube, Facebook removes videos that have copyrighted content, including sound tracks. But Facebook is also providing a solution for video creators frustrated with this issue because after all, a good sound track can make even boring video interesting and fun to watch. So, this new collection of sound tracks is owned by Facebook and will be available for you to use, but only if you use them for Instagram and Facebook videos.

The sound collection is made up of a lot of tracks categorized by their genre. For now there are 1000 tracks and 1500 sound effects which is not a lot but they do have some really good options for creators to use even if many of them just sound like elevator music.

Apparently, Facebook is really going for making the platform universally versatile because it shares text posts (Twitter), photos and short videos (Instagram, though it also owned by Facebook), long videos (YouTube), Stories (Snapchat), resumes (LinkedIn) and much more. Basically Facebook wants people to use only Facebook and its products for every aspect of their online social lives.

Facebook is not shy of copying other competitors’ features and that has been proven time and time again during the Facebook VS Snapchat war. Even with this new update, Facebook is copying YouTube because YouTube also has a set of free, no-copyright sound tracks for YouTubers to use.

It’s amazing how Facebook is doing everything to step ahead of not one but multiple competitors at the same time. This music library may not be a huge deal but it’s definitely a step further in the direction of making people stick to the platform for video marketing and not look for other options such as YouTube.

The Sound Collection by Facebook will be rolled out to everyone in the next few days but if you want to have a look at the collection, you can check it out here.


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