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Facebook Launches Its Watch original video Tab to All U.S. users

By Alex Neil Posted Sep 06, 2017 in facebook/ Social Media News


After beta testing the feature over a month ago, Facebook has now officially launched its new Watch tab, which showcases original video content, to all U.S. Facebook users. It is available on desktop, mobile and TV app for Facebook users where they can subscribe to their favorite video series instead of stumbling across random videos in their news feed. They can access it by clicking the TV icon on top of their desktop screen and in the navigation bar on the mobile app.

If you are an avid YouTube user, you must have noticed the copyright restrictions that YouTubers face. If they put copyrighted music in their videos, they get taken down by YouTube due to copyright infringement. Facebook is trying to overcome this issue in its Watch tab. The company is offering to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to major record labels for them to let the infringing videos stay up instead of issuing a copyright notice.

Facebook is also working on a system that will notify the labels about the videos that have their copyrighted music, so that they can share in the revenue generation with the video creator. But according to Bloomberg, this system may take up to two years to develop and till then, Facebook is willing to pay the labels beforehand for a deal to let the copyrighted content stay on the platform.

Since it’s a somewhat new medium for video creators, there is not a lot of interesting and addicting content just yet. There is just a sci-fi series or two that is interesting but other than that it doesn’t really offer much in terms of appealing content. If you are just on the platform to kill time, you will find some pretty fun time wasters but if you are expecting something like YouTube, Netflix or cable TV, the platform is not that advanced yet.


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