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Facebook Launches the Complete Snap Clone: Flash

By Alex Neil Posted Nov 09, 2016 in Facebook News/ social media


Tired of cloning different Snap features in its different apps including Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger, Facebook is now launching a full-on Snap clone and it’s called Flash. Flash is just like Snap without any change in design.

The goal is to introduce this app in the emerging markets, where Snap hasn’t quite setup a hold on people yet. It’s too late for Facebook to appeal to teenagers in the U.S. and Canada with the 60 million active Snap users in those areas. But what about other markets where Snap hasn’t gotten yet?

The biggest advantage that Flash has over Snap is the app size. Flash offers all the Snap-like features including photos, videos, filters and masks but all of this comes in a mere 25MB app. That is three times less than Snap which is about 75MB in size.

While this size may not matter in the western countries, it holds huge importance in developing countries where most of the people don’t have luxurious smart phones and huge data plans with limitless bandwidth. Apps with small size appeal to those people because they use less internet bandwidth while not taking over the whole phone’s storage.

For now, Flash is being launched in Brazil. Facebook has not revealed the next target audience yet. Facebook has tried to offer competitive apps like Poke and Slingshot in the past but now Facebook seems to be on the right track. Let’s see if Flash manages to achieve its goal or it, too, disappears in the void, never to be seen again.


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