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Facebook Launched ‘Messenger Lite’ for Connecting More People

By Alex Neil Posted Oct 03, 2016 in Facebook News/ Social Media News


The main goal of Facebook is to ‘connect the world’ and it’s doing everything it can to make that happen. Today, Facebook launched Messenger Lite for people with older phones and limited data plans. This version of Messenger is under 10MB which makes it really easy to download and install.

The app will have its core features that include texting, sending and receiving photos and links with people also using Messenger or Messenger Lite app. You can also receive stickers too. As it’s much lighter than the original Messenger app, it will probably not include chat bots, stories and other high quality stuff.

The logo of the app is the same as the original Messenger, just with the colors reversed. The lightning bolt is Blue while the surrounding chat bubble is White. The app is currently available in Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Venezuela but it will be launched in other regions as well but at an unspecified time in the coming months.

Facebook is hoping that Messenger Lite to be a huge hit just like Facebook Lite. It will definitely be convenient for people who can’t afford phones with higher storage capacity or expensive data plans. It will bring more and more people together just like it promises to do.

This version of Messenger is out only on Android for now. It’s iOS version may come out soon too although Facebook hasn’t said anything about it yet.


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