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Facebook is Introducing Live Broadcast in its Oculus Rift ‘Spaces’ App

By Alex Neil Posted Jul 13, 2017 in Facebook News

Facebook spaces 2

There are a lot of people who still don’t know what virtual reality is and how it works. Some find it a little odd and to some, it’s the best thing that happened in the latest technology. For the people still new to VR and the VR lovers, Facebook acquired the virtual reality headset make Oculus in hopes that virtual reality will move the social media giant even further in the game.

The main attraction for Facebook in Oculus was its Oculus Rift ‘Spaces’ app because through this Facebook could integrate virtual reality with the social media network. It basically lets users’ avatars hang out with other users’ avatars in a virtual world. Who doesn’t want to escape reality, right?

Anyways, the app and Facebook combo has been successful so far. But Facebook wants people to go all out in the virtual reality world. So, it’s introducing the live broadcast feature to the ‘Spaces’ app. Onward from the coming week, Spaces users can stream those virtual hangout live to their Facebook friends.

“The core thing that we’re trying to do here is bridge that divide between people who have VR and the vast majority of people that don’t have VR and may not know what VR is,” explained Mike Booth who is the product manager for Spaces at Facebook.

Most of the people still believe that the virtual reality is for hardcore gamers and it’s for people who want to go up and close with the evil characters before they kill them. “A lot of people either don’t know what VR is, or they think that VR is not for them,” Booth continued. “They think it’s a high tech thing for gamers to blow up robots and kill zombies with.”

facebook spaces

Facebook is trying to overcome that stereotype by the Spaces app. With its over 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook has a better chance of doing it than any other influencer. If it really does manage this, it could be a game changer from the social media marketing perspective as well. Imagine how it will boost your brand’s likability when you stream videos of your avatar hanging out with your followers’ avatars.


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