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Facebook Introduces ‘Sports Stadium’ For Sports Geeks

By Alex Neil Posted Jan 22, 2016 in Facebook News/ Social Media News

Facebook sports stadium

Initially Facebook was created to bring friends and family together on a social platform over the internet. It was just a fun place to hang out when feeling bored. But as time passed, Facebook grew into something that we had never imagined. Now it is kind of a one-stop for everything.

You can connect with your family and friends, check out what is happening in your favorite celebs’ lives, follow entertaining pages and different brands, play games and much more. For me, it was perfect. But I’m not a sports geek, so I couldn’t think of something missing.

But Facebook recognized its many users’ need to have a way in which they could enjoy or celebrate a sports game with their friends and family live. Yes, they could go to Twitter for this but many people don’t actively use Twitter and if they do, chances are not all of their friends are on Twitter. But for Facebook, that is not true. Almost everyone now-a-days is on Facebook. And many of them enjoy sports as well.

So, Facebook launched ‘Sports Stadium’ for those sports fans. It’s one place where Facebook users can keep tabs on what their friends are saying, expert opinions from the team members, coaches or other celebs, play by play of the game as it happens and game stats. Really, it’s all there.

Facebook stadium

Facebook gives play by play posts about every kick, pass and goal. You can cheer for them or critic them or share them just for fun. It is really a fun way to watch football games. It will be like a second screen alongside your television screen. Or you can just follow these updates if you don’t have a TV set or cable available. You will not miss anything at all.

This feature is available for US iOS users watching football games for now but Facebook promises more sports and countries in the coming weeks and months.


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