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Facebook Will Increase the Reach of Stories with Faster Loading Links

By Alex Neil Posted Aug 03, 2017 in Facebook News


Facebook is constantly trying to make the user experience smoother while also finding more ways to market its own products. It’s proven time and time again, and this time is no different. Facebook is introducing yet another change in its News Feed.

This new update will increase the reach of stories that have faster loading links and push down the ones with slower links. This will be take a lot of factors in consideration including the website’s general loading speed and the internet connection of the mobile device to determine whether the link will load slowly or quickly. If it qualifies as a fast link according to Facebook’s algorithm then it will appear in the news feed. If not, it will get pushed further down the feed and thus decreasing its reach.

Facebook explained while announcing the update:

“For years, we have taken many factors into account to make sure people quickly see relevant stories to them — including the type of device you’re on or the speed of your mobile network or wifi connection. For example, if you are on a slower internet connection that won’t load videos, News Feed will show you fewer videos and more status updates and links.”

This change will not roll out immediately but it will be put in effect gradually over the coming months. This will give publishers time to adjust their websites to make them faster. The official reason that Facebook gave for this change is that it wants to improve user experience because nobody likes to wait a long time for the links to load. This change will ensure that people get the most out of what Facebook has to offer more efficiently.

While that may be true, we can’t ignore Facebook’s product which will benefit from this change. Instant Articles is known for its faster loading time and this update will push more publishers toward it in fear that their reach will decrease if they don’t. According to a Facebook spokesperson, this change is not designed to prioritize Instant Articles but it will prioritize the links which load faster. And we all know that stories on Instant Articles load pretty quickly which makes it the ideal choice for publishers if they want more reach.

The only issue with Instant Articles is that publishers don’t get to make as much money from it as they would from their own website. Let’s see if this new update will make them reevaluate their priorities.


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