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Facebook Will Now Host In-App Games

By Alex Neil Posted Dec 01, 2016 in Facebook News/ social media


Day by day, more and more people are using Facebook on their smart phones instead of their desktop. When they do use desktop for Facebook, it’s usually because they want to play games.

That’s due to the fact that Facebook mobile app doesn’t host in-app games. The games it does have usually directs users to App Store or Google Play Store so that they can download the app. Now, we all know that the trend of downloading apps for playing games is gradually decreasing. Most of the people just have 2 to 3 games in their smart phones. On the other hand, on desktop, we have countless games that we play on Facebook web.

Facebook is now changing that up by hosting games in its mobile apps and it’s calling them Instant Games. For now the games are from big publishers like Konami, Bandai Namco and Taito as well as newer developers like King and Zynga. The feature includes 17 games and is being introduced to 30 countries including the United States.

Just like Instant Articles, you won’t have to leave the Facebook or Messenger app in order to play games. For now, Instant Games will be free and devoid of any ads. There also won’t be any in-app purchases. So, by hosting free Instant Games, Facebook is sacrificing potential ad revenue.

What this means for publishers is that while they may get more exposure due to Facebook’s gigantic user base, they won’t be able to make money from it. There is also a chance that people will prefer Instant Games over game apps that have ads and in-app purchases. So, the developers have a chance of losing revenue as well.

As the feature is new, the gaming controls are a little sketchy but hopefully, this will change overtime.


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