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Research: Facebook Fan Pages are Effective Marketing Tool

By Alex Neil Posted Jun 04, 2013 in Facebook Marketing/ Social Media News


Unless you are a new comer to the revolution of social media marketing, you have probably realized the power of social signals as marketing tool. Facebook has proved its significant place in social media sites with constantly growing percentage of its users day by day. Therefore, it is more important to have a fan page on Facebook than having such on other social signals in order to promote and enhance your business.

Facebook provides you a vital platform to engage people and interact with them that you need, as it is one of the basic requirements for the successful future of any business. Rice University’s researchers surveyed the customers of a popular local café chain, Dessert Gallery. This café had no presence on Facebook before the study and then, they created its Facebook fan page as a part of the study. Surveys of 1700 customers were recorded at the chain at the end of study period of over three months and found that companies FB fans:

  • Made 36 percent more surveys to Dessert Gallery’s stores each month.
  • Spent 45 percent more at DG of their eating out dollars.
  • Spent 33 percent more at the stores of Dessert Gallery (DG).
  • Had 14 percent increased emotional attachment to Dessert Gallery brand.
  • Had 41 percent more developed psychological loyalty towards the DG brand.

The researchers concluded based on the results that fan pages on Facebook lead to an effective but low cost way of online marketing. The results indicated that the companies using Facebook fan pages to market and advertise themselves to the clients can increase word-of-mouth marketing, customer loyalty and hence, can increase their sales.

Moreover, one of the researchers, Dholakia said that while studying the facts related to the research, they came to know a number of cautions about the fact that only five percent of firm’s thirteen thousand customers became Facebook fans within the study period of three months. Dholakia says this “indicates that Facebook fan pages may work best as niche marketing programs targeted to customers who regularly use Facebook.”

The researchers also concluded that iconic brands enjoy extreme benefits of Facebook fan pages and marketing strategies and FB fan pages are especially effective for these brands, as they appear to attract great percentage of their client base as FB fans.

I wonder that what the café did to promote its FB fan page on Facebook as well as in the real world. What is your opinion about it?


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