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Facebook Enables Live Streaming From Any Device of Your Choice

By Alex Neil Posted Apr 14, 2016 in Facebook News/ Social Media News

Facebook Videos

Facebook’s live video feature lets you stream yourself live to your friends, family and followers by using your smartphone’s video camera. But Facebook wants to promote its live feature more and it wants better quality content, so it announced a big change in the F8 Developers Conference.

Mark Zuckerberg announced in the conference that Facebook is presenting a new live video API that will let developers broadcast their live video from any device, instead of just smartphones. These devices may be high quality TV cameras or even drones.

Proving his point, a drone camera hovered behind Zuckerberg facing the audience and broadcasted their live video onto the big screen.

facebook f8

Facebook really cares about its video content and live video is one of its best features. Facebook just wants it to really sit well with its users and it is using different ways to encourage people to use it. In addition to this new change, Facebook also gives priority to live broadcasts over regular videos. It is even paying celebrities to encourage them to use this feature to engage with their followers and audience.

This new freedom of choosing the right device will most likely attract those big productions who feel like smartphones are not enough for their live broadcast.


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