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Facebook Brings Live Streaming to All U.S. iPhone Users

By Alex Neil Posted Jan 29, 2016 in Facebook Marketing/ Facebook News/ Social Media Marketing/ Social Media News/ Twitter Marketing

facebook live

Facebook has its ‘Live’ feature integrated into the platform and shows permanently after the first broadcast. At first this feature was available to celebrities only at first, then to media and journalists through Facebook Mentions. Then it proceeded to allow all verified pages to use live streaming in their posts. Now it has taken an even bigger step.

Facebook has allowed all iPhone users in the U.S. to use this feature in their daily updates if they want. The Android users will be soon to follow as well.

This step has really upped the game level for Twitter’s Periscope. Periscope, Twitter’s live video streaming app, only shows replays within 24 hours of the original broadcast. After that, the stream is lost. Also, Twitter users have to use Periscope as a separate app if they want to live broadcast, while Facebook Live feature is integrated into the original platform without any other app.

Now that Facebook is about to offer live broadcast feature to all of its users, the main deciding factor for users who want to use this feature, I think, will be the fact that Facebook Live allows replays permanently, thus allowing users to gain more views on their broadcasts. It will probably appeal more to celebrities as well due to the same reason.

A few months back, Periscope and Meerkat were in the battlefield, with both of them trying to one up the other one. At the end, Meerkat didn’t fare so well. Now Twitter’s Periscope has to rival against Facebook Live in the epic showdown of live broadcasting history. Let’s see who fares better in the end.


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