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Facebook Now Brings Internet to 40 Million People through Internet.org

By Alex Neil Posted Nov 03, 2016 in Facebook News


In the Facebook’s Q3 earnings call, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Internet.org now connects 40 million people around the globe to internet through its Free Basics app. That’s a huge number considering that only 3 Million people used internet.org in 2014 which grew to 15 Million in 2015 as reported by TechCrunch. It shows that internet.org is growing at a rate of 166% yearly.

This rate of success is despite the hurdles and setbacks like internet.org being banned in India and a failed satellite launch in Africa. If we look at the statistics, around 0.5% of world’s population is now using internet.org.

The ultimate goal of Facebook is connecting the world and bringing them closer to each other. So, if Facebook continues to bring internet to people who can’t afford expensive data plans in their country and also people who have no internet available in their areas, it will bring Facebook closer to achieving that goal.

It doesn’t hurt that those people will have the potential to ultimately become Facebook’s ad viewers and that will be beneficial to Facebook’s revenues. For now, Facebook is providing internet through internet.org in 49 countries. But if it continues to grow rapidly like it did in the last 2 years, this figure will likely expand very soon.


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