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Facebook Will Block Pages from Advertising If They Share Fake News

By Alex Neil Posted Aug 28, 2017 in facebook/ Social Media News

facebook ads

Ever since the 2016 US elections and the fake news scandal that Facebook faced, Facebook has been taking steps to ensure that the platform is trustworthy. It created a system which enabled third party fact checkers to flag stories that were outright lies and hoaxes.

A few months back, Facebook banned pages from promoting a link or a story that leaded back to a false story. Facebook has been trying to remove misinformation from the platform altogether.

Another step in that direction was just announced when Facebook said in a blog post that it will pages from advertising on Facebook if they share fake news repeatedly.

Facebook did not specify how many times count as ‘repeatedly’, just that if they ‘repeatedly share stories marked as false’ by third-party fact-checkers, they will be blocked from Facebook ads. The reason Facebook has not given a number is apparently that people will start tricking the system if they know it.

Another thing to note here is that the ban will not be permanent. It would be kind of like a parole period. If the pages remain on good behavior and don’t share fake news in that time, the ban will be lifted and they will be able to advertise on Facebook again.

This step really brings home the point that Facebook is genuinely trying to make the platform as legit as possible, even at the cost of its ad revenue. Sure, this short term hold back will benefit Facebook in the long run but still, it makes a huge statement.


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