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Facebook Adds Spotify Music Sharing To Messenger

By Alex Neil Posted Mar 07, 2016 in Social Media News


All the social media platforms and apps are trying their hardest to get more and more people to use them and keep the ones who already use them. For this purpose, every now and then they introduce something new that will anchor the users to them and not go anywhere else.

A short while ago, Whatsapp enabled users to share PDF files in their chats if they want to. Now, Facebook Messenger has come forward with an update as well.

Have you ever had a conversation with your friends discussing your favorite music or a song that you just heard and fell in love with? Of course, you have. Now, Messenger allows you to share the Spotify link of the song that you want your friend to listen.

You just have to go into the ‘more’ section of in your chat threads and tap the Spotify option to search for the song, artist or playlist that you want to share. When you select it, you will be directed back to Messenger with the option to share it in your chat.

When your friend clicks on the link, they will be directed to Spotify to listen to that song. It’s really simple. Now, you can talk about music with your friends and share it instantly.


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