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Why Your Employees Need to Be on Social Media

By Alex Neil Posted Aug 01, 2017 in Social Media Marketing

social media

You must have seen articles on the internet telling you that you need to personalize your brand. That if you keep being a constant sales pitch, always talk about your products or services and almost sound like a robot, it will not do you good in your social media marketing campaigns. It’s great advice!

So, you try to think of ways that you can do that without seeming too desperate. What if I told you there is a simple way you can do that and you won’t have to do a thing? Yes, it’s that simple. Let your employees use social media platforms during work hours. A few pictures of your employees working together, having lunch or having fun will do wonders for personalizing your brand.

If you are not convinced by this reason alone that your employees should be on social media during work hours, here are a few more that could change your mind.

1- Valuable News and Insight:

Social media is the go to place to get new insights about the latest trends and happenings in your niche. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter can show a lot about what exactly is going on in your field of business. If your team is about sales and content marketing, they could see the latest hot topics around your brand’s niche. If they are programmers, they can get to know about the newest languages and features or they could figure out the answers to a problem your brand website has been having for a while.

The point is that you should encourage your team of employees to use social media in their work hours. Get them to follow the best pages and profiles in your niche so that they can find out about the latest trends that could take your brand to a step further towards success.

2- Distractions Can Increase Focus:

Sounds ironic, right? But it’s true. Working constantly for 8 hours straight can be a lot more boring if there are no breaks. If you allow your employees to have 10 minute breaks every now and then so they can scroll through their social feeds, it can actually help your brand.

Their minds will be fresher and they will return to work with a renewed energy. It might seem like they are wasting your work time but it’s actually more of an investment. The fresher they are, the more creatively their minds will think and you’ll have a better brand performance as a whole.

3- Word of Mouth:

word of mouth

If you have employees on social media, each of them will have their own following on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snap. If they share something about the place their work, their audiences will see it. Think about all the exposure your brand can get as a whole even if it doesn’t link back to you on the surface. Your business will have more brand exposure and awareness without even you trying. It’s all starting to sound very tempting, isn’t it?

4- Coworkers Get Along Better:

If your employees are on social media, chances are that they will follow each other and share stuff on each other’s profiles. This could get them to bond a little more and overall the work environment in your office will get a lot warmer. Team work will improve and you will get better results.


Yes, social media platforms can be a dangerous place to be in work hours. Especially, when just an innocent scrolling down the news feed can become an hour long event. But if you set the ground rules and tread this line carefully, it will be a lot more helpful than harmful to your brand in the long run.

It’s a dangerous thing to do because if you get it wrong, the entire work performance of your team will plummet. But with the right guidance and discipline, you can overcome the cons and get advantage of the pros of your employees being on social media platforms during work hours.


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