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How to Earn Money by Being a YouTuber

By Alex Neil Posted May 19, 2017 in Social Media Marketing/ YouTube

youtube channel

We’ve all heard and seen countless YouTubers thriving on the money they earn from YouTube. I’m sure that you have too. And you are probably inspired by them and envy them every time you see some video with thousands and millions of views.

You think about how you can achieve the same thing if you become a YouTuber too but get scared and confused about the actual process setting up a YouTube channel and give it a go. As much as the number of YouTubers is increasing day by day, some people still don’t know about the how of making money through YouTube.

If you are reading this, you are probably one of those people too. So, let me break it down for you the whole process of making real money on YouTube.

Step 1:

The first step is to, of course, set up a YouTube channel. You can use your existing Google+ account or you can create a new one, depending on your choice. Choose your username carefully as it will be the thing people remember you by. If it’s short and original, you have more of a chance of staying in people’s minds.

If you are using an existing Google account, you can change the username f you want as well by going into the account settings. Add tags relevant to your content in the Advances section of your Channel settings. This will get your channel to appear in search results.

Step 2:

The next logical step would be to upload content. The videos that you post on Youtube should be of high quality and interesting enough to keep people coming back for more. Otherwise, people will forget about you and move onto another YouTubers who provides better videos in your niche.

The length of you video depends on the type of content you are posting. Just don’t make your video unnecessarily long because it will make people lose interest.

Remember, you will get better as you progress in this field. Even if your first video is utter nonsense, keep doing it and you’ll notice that your videos are getting better as you go along. Don’t forget to upload videos regularly and remember to add relevant tags in your video description as well. Speaking of description, it should be eye-catching and attractive so that people are obligated to watch your video.

Step 3:

The third step is to work to get subscribers for your YouTube channel. You can do that by sharing your video on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. Keep uploading good content and you will get more and more subscribers as the time passes.

As you get subscribers, you will get comments, queries and questions from them too. Respond to those comments and make an occasional video about something in the comment section that catches your eye. If it’s a positive video, mention the commentator that you were inspired by to make the video. This will get more of your subscribers to engage with your channel in hopes that you mention them in your videos.

Step 4:

If you upload videos that are copyright free and only your property to share with people, you can monetize your video. What this means that you give YouTube permission to put adds in your video. You can do it by going to the monetization tab and checking the ‘Monetize with Ads’ button.

You can monetize a video even after the video has been uploaded. Simply click the ‘$’ next to the video and it should be done.

Step 5:

Then there is the Google AdSense and you can set it up for free. You can do it yourself if you are 18 and older. Otherwise, you will need an adult’s help. For setting up Google AdSense, you need to have a PayPal account or a bank account, an email address, a valid address and other information AdSense needs in order to verify your account so that it can send money to the right person.

Once you have set it up, you will earn money per ad click and a smaller portion per video view. This is why you need to get and keep all the audience that you can gather in your channel.

Step 6:

You can now use YouTube analytics to check out how your videos are performing. This will help you create better content that your audience is more interested to watch.

Youtube Video Sharing

Step 7:

Don’t keep your videos just on YouTube; share their teasers on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter as well. Teasers should be so good that people come over to YouTube through the link you provided to watch the full video.

Step 8:

If you have done all the above-mentioned steps correctly and have a lot of audiences, you can become a YouTube partner. You need to have 15000 view hours in the last 90 days in order to apply for this partnership. YouTube partners have a lot of perks, prizes and opportunities that are not available to regular YouTubers. So, it’s definitely worth striving for.


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