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How businesses can use Facebook’s CTA Feature the best way

By Alex Neil Posted Aug 11, 2016 in facebook/ Social Media Marketing

facebook cta

The trend of using social media marketing is getting popular with each passing day. Due to this popularity, marketers are under constant pressure to generate content for marketing which is compelling as well as economical. Facebook is the most loved and favorite platform for marketers and audience both. This situation has led to intense competition between brands.

Marketers do understand the importance and impact of this social network on business. Hours are spent for the creation of content that can attract audience. Interesting contents catches the eyes of audience which ultimately leads to high engagement rate. Here, it is important to understand that if your content is increasing organic growth then you are doing it right. In the opposite case, you are just wasting your time and skills.

Facebook is constantly bringing changes to enhance and improve its services so that users can have a joyful experience. Recently, Facebook introduced a call to action button for pages in order to build new ways of interaction between business and people. Let’s have a look on what is the purpose of this change and how it can be useful for your business.

Introduction to CTA:

Call to action button or CTA gives its users (page owners/admins) a range of options which can be selected as per the business’s will. The options given by Facebook in the CTA button are

  • Book now
  • Contact us
  • Use app
  • Play game
  • Shop now
  • Sign up
  • Watch video

The addition of this CTA button in Facebook features has made it easier for audience to connect with the business. It guides audience towards the next move they should make. On the right most corner of a Facebook page, there is a blue button or Call to action button.

CTA is a very important element in the social media marketing because it drives people to take an action after visiting business’s page. In other words, CTA helps a business to convert its audience’s traffic into customers.

Suitable CTA’s for your business:

As a business you must be concerned which Call to action option will bring more views to your page. Nature of your business will help you to decide this. For example a business which sells online will want to increase the traffic on its website. For this, a link of its website in the call to action button will be most beneficial for it.

Following are some other examples of CTA according to the nature of businesses.

  • For a blogger, a link to its Youtube page will increase the chances of high engagement rate.
  • For a tourism company, ‘Book Now’ will be the most appealing CTA.
  • If your Facebook page is representing any institute like a college etc. then ‘send message ‘will be most suitable CTA. Or you can use the phrase ‘Contact us’

The decision for the selection of suitable CTA for your business is highly subjective. It depends on the goals which you have set for your business. Before selection, you should take your time to think about all the CTA options and their potential impact on your business so that a rational decision could be made.

CTA should be clear and easy to understand for the users. Never use vague terms in the CTA because it might confuse a user. The purpose of this feature of Facebook is to help and guide audience towards an action whenever they visit a page.

Tips for adding best CTA’s:

  • Your CTA must be compelling as well as short. Because it is more likely that people will read it when it is short as it is convenient for them.
  • Try to use word ‘free’ in your CTA if possible because it is the easiest way to draw audience’s attention. For example, if you run a training business then this CTA of three simple words ‘get free training’ can surely increase traffic on your page.
  • Turn your CTA in a question. It gives your CTA a conversational tone. ‘Want some discount?’ is an example of it.

Steps to follow for setting CTA:

Following are the instructions for setting CTA for your Facebook page.

  1. Go to the cover photo of your page and click on ‘create call to action’
  2. Select the most suitable call to action for your business and enter URL of your business.
  3. For users of iPhone or iPad, if you want to direct them to your app then click on the dropdown below and select ‘iOS settings’. Then choose app and add link of your app.
  4. For android users, click on the dropdown below and select ‘Android settings’. Then choose app and add link of your app.
  5. Click on the create button.


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