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Why Businesses Should Try To Avoid Controversies

By Alex Neil Posted Apr 10, 2015 in Facebook Marketing/ Google Marketing/ Google+/ Instagram Info/ LinkedIn/ Pinterest News/ Social Media News/ Twitter Marketing/ YouTube

Social Media Mis-takes

Every now and then, something political or religious happens in the world that gets people talking big time. Everyone wants to add in to the discussion but businesses should try and avoid them as long as they can. Here is why:

Your Customers May Find You Offensive:

Whatever your beliefs are, if you express them in a public forum or social network, you are bound to get criticism. There will be people who will support your opinion but there will also be people (maybe more than the supporters) who will antagonize you. That will possibly result in the decrease of followers for your business. You don’t want that, do you?

People May Boycott You:

Here is an example: An author wrote a book about a controversial issue which was bound to get criticism but the author couldn’t handle the negative reviews and she publicly snapped at the negative reviewer. The reasult? Most of the members of the reviewing community found it extremely insulting and proceeded to boycott any books that the author wrote in the past or future. You can see how that may have affected that author’s business.

That is why when it comes to controversial issues, it is better if you just don’t voice you opinion on a public platform if you don’t want to risk your business.

SOcial Media Mistakes

Your Are Viewed As Your Business:

When it comes to business figures on social media platforms, people fail to separate a person’s views from his/her business. If you voice your opinion, people would think of you as your business. That can be either a positive or negative thing depending on the people who agree or disagree with you. It’s a huge risk for your business because if turns out to be a negative thing, you may lose some of your followers.

You are entitled to your opinion and I am all for saying the things that you feel. After all, it’s a free world but you might want to limit that thing to your personal and private profiles if you don’t want your views to affect the progress of your business in a negative way.


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