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How to Make Your Business Stand Out on Instagram

By Alex Neil Posted Aug 19, 2014 in Instagram Info/ Social Media News

How to make your business stand out on Instagram

Most of the business owners all over the world now know that Instagram is their best buddy if they want to promote their business across the world. Instagram has proved itself to be the best in getting interaction from customers. If you have not joined Instagram already then I suggest that you look at the reasons why you would benefit if you use Instagram in your business strategy.

Once you have joined Instagram, you have to be vigilant in your efforts to make your business popular. You cannot just expect Instagram to work in your favor if there is no effort on your side. There are ways and tricks that you can follow. While you may know some of them, some of the tricks will be new to you and they will prove useful in the long run.

Focus On Your Profile:

Your profile is the first thing that people would visit if they want to decide whether they should follow you or not. SO, my first advice would be to focus on how your profile appears to others. Following things are very important in a good Instagram profile:

1-Your Name:

Your profile name is the most important thing in your profile. Use a name that describes your brand perfectly so that people will know immediately what your brand is all about.

2-Profile Image:

Since Instagram is a photo sharing site, you have to be very careful about your profile image. It should describe yourself and your business so that people would get an idea as to what you are all about.

Your profile image will act like a brand because it would show up beside every photo or video that you share. It will show up in news tab and following feed of your followers so it is essential that you choose your profile image wisely.

3-Your Bio:

Whatever you do, do not leave your bio section empty. You bio will help your followers understand how your business works and it will give them knowledge about yourself. Fill your bio section carefully and describe yourself and your business in a way that will encourage people to follow you.

4-Link to Your Website/Blog:

Your profile page is the only place where you will be able to place a link to your blog/website. So, use this and let people know how they can find you outside of Instagram. This will also increase your website traffic and improve your Google rank as well.

Use of Hashtags:

While hashtags may not be extremely important on Facebook, on Instagram hashtags are the way to go if you want your photos to show up in search results. The only way to search on Instagram is by using hastags.

So, include hashtags that will describe what is shown in your photo. If people search for that particular hashtag, your post will also show up in their search results.

Your Photos:

If you post just about your business promotions, it will not sit well with your followers. You have to include some photos that show people about different aspects of your life. Frankly speaking, people are nosy and they are not satisfied until they know what is going on in your life.

The business promotional photos should not be boring. Use interesting facts and infographics to engage people with your brand. Use photos which hook people at first glance and make them want to look forward to more photos from you.

Post Regularly:

Make a schedule and try to stick to it no matter what happens. Posting regularly will keep you fresh in your followers’ minds. If you post less frequently, people will begin to lose interest in you. It can also cost you your followers. So, decide on number of posts you want to make per day or per week and then try to act on that decision as best as you can.

Post Videos For Better Interaction:

In addition to posting images, you can make videos and upload them too. The video function makes it easy for you tell your followers in detail about yourself, your business and whatever you want to talk about. You can also make graphic videos as well and use slides to show your customers the benefits of your products. All in all, videos are a great way to interact with your customers and followers. It also assures people that the person that they are following is real, which will work in your favor.

Share Your Posts:

Instagram Does Really Well With Facebook

Instagram Does Really Well With Facebook

The photos or videos that you upload can be shared on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Instagram works especially well with Facebook because of the fact that Instagram is under Facebook. Use this sharing to your advantage and spread the positive aspects of your business all over the internet.

Interaction With Others:

People work on the principle of give and take. If you comment and like others’ posts, they are more likely to interact with you. Also, commenting on others’ photos will make your profile seem more active and people like that. So, interaction with other brands and your followers will go a long way in boosting your business marketing.

The above tips, if followed, will go a long way in increasing your number of followers and making your business stand out on Instagram. They are simple tricks and you should use them if you want to promote your business across the internet.


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