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How to Build a Social Media Marketing Strategy from Scratch

By Alex Neil Posted Oct 12, 2017 in Social Media Marketing

social media

When you are just starting out something new, it’s normal to have some hesitation, some doubts and even fear. But if you follow the right way, after some trial and error, you eventually become skilled at it. The same scenario can be true for social media marketing.

Social media marketing has become so much bigger in the past decade and almost every brand is using it to increase their brand awareness and promote sales growth. But there are small businesses forming every day and for them social media marketing is a very new thing. They might know about social media marketing and how it works in theory but knowing about something and actually doing it are two completely different things.

So, this post is all about easing in those new brands or even old brands that are new to social media marketing. If you want to know how to build your social media marketing from scratch, keep on reading and take notes.

1- Choose Your Social Media Network(s):

This is the very first and probably the most important step in social media marketing. One thing you must keep in mind is that you don’t need all the social networks. In fact, that’s a big no if you are just starting out. You need only one or two of them at the beginning and choosing which networks are right for your brand should take these three things into consideration:

  1. Your Audience: You must figure out the right audience for your brand. Does your brand cater to teens, young adults and adults, middle-aged or older audience? There are other things that you should take into account as well but if you are passionate about your brand then you must already know your target audience. Once you are confident, figure out on which social media platform you are most likely to find your audience. Then choose that one as your main social media marketing network.
  2. Your Time: Okay, so you have chosen your main platform. The number of secondary platforms should be decided by factoring in your available time. Do you have the time it takes to successfully manage more than one social networks? If yes, how many? If you are just starting out, it will probably not be wise to run more than 2 social media accounts for your brand marketing.
  3. Resources: It may seem tempting to use Instagram for marketing since it offers 10x more engagement than Facebook which is the social media giant. But, do you have the resources and creativeness to regularly churn out engaging and unique posts? Same goes for YouTube because video creation, editing, rendering and promotion take both resources and skills.

2- Fill Out Your Profile:

Whether you have chosen one or more social media networks for your brand promotion, this is a very crucial step. You need to fill out every field of your profile that you can. The profile photo should be reflective of your brand because it will show up beside your brand name whenever you comment, tweet or do anything on the platform. It will become your identity. The cover photo should take equally as much care. The section that you must not mess up is your bio section. Your bio should tell your brand’s story in a fun and engaging way. Make sure to put a link to your brand website if you have one.

3- Find Your Voice:

Each and every brand, no matter what niche they fall under, has a voice that needs to be uncovered. You need to think of your brand as a human. If you brand could speak and tell its story, how would it do it? Would it be professional and elite, or would it be fun and goofy? Would it have a voice of an easygoing person or would it take a more of a less talking approach?

Find your brand’s voice and stick with it because it will also be part of your brand’s identity. It would be better if your brand could have a personal touch that would make it easy for people to like it but whatever works for your brand should be your decision.

4- Posting Schedule:

This is necessary in social media marketing. You can’t just post stuff whenever you feel like it. You need to have a posting schedule like how many posts can you publish per week? Take extreme care in deciding this number because once you decide it, you need to stick to it. You will tell or show people when they can expect a next post and people will eventually start expecting them and looking forward to them if you are good. For example, a YouTuber named @iisuperwomanii a.k.a. Lilly Singh posts every Monday and Thursday and people expect it from her. If she doesn’t manage to post at the expected day, she apologizes for the delay in the video. The point is that once you make a promise to your audience, you need to fulfil it so that people know that you are reliable.

5- Analytics:

No matter which platform you choose for your brand’s social media marketing, it will have an analytics feature that you must use. These analytics will help you decide which type of posts don’t work with your audience so that you stop uploading such posts. It will also show you what kind of posts are working successfully and gathering engagement so that you can make your future posts more like them. These analytics also have a bunch of other useful features that are essential in determining whether your social media strategy is working or do you need to alter it and make a few tweaks. Keep updating your social media strategy to follow the latest trends and updates because social media is all about flexibility.


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