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A Boring Marketing Strategy Might Kill Your Brand

By Alex Neil Posted May 03, 2017 in Social Media Marketing

marketing ideas

Let’s face it: not all the businesses are glamorous, fun or sexy. Sometimes, they can be downright boring and that’s the worst thing for a brand when you are trying to sell its products. If you accompany boring products with a boring marketing strategy, that can’t be a good combination for the brand. In fact, it can be a poison that slowly kills your brand until there is nothing left of it to market.

So, even though we can’t control how boring a business is, we can certainly control how we market it. You just need to find a way to spruce things up a bit so that people find it to be something they need in their lives. For example, there is a flowchart software called Lucidchart that was made by Lucid Software. Now, flowcharts are something that people don’t really care about until they absolutely need it. So, it was quite a dilemma for the company and they decided to think outside the box to figure out how they can make it interesting. They went for creating flowcharts for multiple fan-bases like Star Wars, Fantasy Football and Dungeon & Dragons etc. This approach led to recognition from marketing awards and around 2 million views for Lucid Software. You can see how a creative approach to marketing revolutionized the brand.

The point is, if you face the same problem a.k.a. boring business, you can really up your marketing game by thinking of creative ways to pique people’s interests. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1- Be Part of a Bigger Picture:

Your business can be boring on its own but think of the industries where your business plays or might play an important role. For example, Lucid incorporated their boring software with widely known entertainment franchises and that kicked off their product from the ground into a skyscraper. Think of ways you can do the same thing. Find an industry that might be a good use for your product and then create an innovative marketing strategy around it. Make people notice your product by mixing it with another industry if it doesn’t get noticed on its own.

2- Target Your Audience The Right Way:

Another thing you can do, if your brand doesn’t incorporate with other industries, is that you focus all of your energy and efforts into finding the right audience. It’s a fact that no matter what industry you are in, there are people in this world who are really passionate about it. Your task is to find those people. Whether you use Facebook’s targeting filters or some other way to figure out this demographic, this can really help your brand. Just put all of your efforts into it and increase your brand awareness.

3- Find Relevant Forums:

Just like there are people passionate about a certain industry somewhere in the world, those people may have created forums or groups about that industry. Find those forums and participate in it as an expert. Answer their queries about stuff relevant to your industry. This can be a really great way to market your brand because you can be an authority figure because of your knowledge about the industry. It may pique those people’s interest in your brand.

4- Have a Sense of Humor:

No matter how boring your business is, there must be at least one interesting or funny aspect about it that people may find interesting. If you don’t find one (seriously, it can’t be that bland!), that’s okay too. You can create one by thinking of or finding jokes that relate to it in some way. But remember one thing: those jokes need to be tasteful and relevant to your brand. Don’t go in tangents just to make your page funny and interesting. You are marketing your business, not hosting an entertainment page.

5- Invest in Content Marketing:

If you are not a great writer, you can always pay someone to write for you. There are plenty of content writers out there who are really experienced in SEO marketing while keeping the content interesting and engaging. Good content plus excellent marketing is the perfect recipe for making your brand stand out among the crowd of social media marketer. Trust me, this is an investment that will pay you in the long run.


If you think your business is boring or your business is actually boring, you can always look at how other ‘boring’ businesses are marketing there brands. You will find plenty of them and they may give the perspective you need to tell your story the right way.


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