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The Best Timings to Post Content on Facebook

By Alex Neil Posted Dec 30, 2013 in Facebook Marketing/ Social Media News


With Facebook being one of the most visited websites of the world, it is no wonder that why people keep asking “when is the best time to post on Facebook” over and over again. Now we cannot determine exactly the most accurate time that brings the best results, but we can surely work on some statistics and strategies.

Analyze the Behavior of Your Audience

According to a research, almost 50% of Facebook posts are already reached by users within just 30 minutes of posting. Subsequently, you might as well attempt to figure out when your fans are on Facebook and plan to effectively schedule your Facebook posts.

Step#1: Determine your audience

Review your Facebook demographics. They may be not the same as you consider. You can analyze the age range, sex, education, region, and other things. Provided that you have different areas or a vast platform, you will need to examine the area of your visitors as they may be spread crosswise over different time zones.

Step#2: Portray yourself as one of them

Notwithstanding that you know the demographic of your fans, contemplate their days. Assume, as if you are visiting your Facebook page like other normal visitors. You will definitely end up figuring out that it’s hard to check the Facebook page during 9-5 office working hours. Same is the condition with your visitors.

Step#3: Follow footprints of other pages

The best thing you could do is follow big Facebook pages that come under your category. You will get to know that when they post their stuff and how much they benefit from them!

Statistics about Facebook usage

The number of mobile Facebook users is shooting at an unexpected rate and in today’s world, people prefer surfing the web on the go and the mobiles and tablets are obviously the right devices for that instead of desktop PC’s and laptops. Mobile users invest more of an opportunity checking Facebook on their portable mechanism than they do utilizing Google. You can always check your Facebook insights data for that!

As per the researches, 80% of people aged between 18-44 years check their cell phones when they wake up. It’s likely that your fans are arriving at your fan page from their mobile phones and other portable devices. This makes an optimal opportunity to post.

Mobile users have a tendency to arrive from their mobiles around morning times like between 6 to 8 AM. These people additionally invest practically twofold their chance gaining entrance to social media by means of a versatile gadget on the weekends contrasted with weekdays. Don’t bounce to any conclusions just yet however. Weekends and weekdays, between 5:00-8:00pm, aren’t essentially the optimal opportunity to post in light of newsfeed rivalry. Throughout these hours, you’re prone to rival your fans’ several companions and the different marks they take after.

Attempt to uncover your engagement sweet spot by verifying the crossing point of time when the dominant part of your gathering of people is on Facebook and the time when the minimum general posting is happening.

Studies have additionally demonstrated that more than 50 percent of clients just access Facebook when they’re not at work or school. Likewise, the hours that individuals are driving to and from work shows versatile use tops. In spite of the fact that it’s not safe assuming that they’re driving, numerous portable social media clients are checking their mobiles and tablets on the best approach to work, which makes an extraordinary opportunity to post about your business.

Use Facebook Insights

Just like you use Google Analytics to analyze the traffic of your website, consider using Facebook Insights to measure the behavior of your audience. Determine the age of people who are visiting the most on your page. Also, bring education, region, sex, and other factors under consideration too, whereas region needs more attention. This would ensure that you are working on exact measurements and that you are making the most of free analytics tool from Facebook.

Analyze… Apply… Analyze!

As per the researches, below are the best timings to post on Facebook:

  • Early in the morning (probably after dawn)
  • Between lunch time
  • Dinner time
  • Fridays
  • Almost bedtime

And below are the timings when you need to avoid posting or decrease the number of posting your stuff on Facebook:

  • Office hours (9am – 5pm)
  • After lunch time or dinner
  • Weekends


The best opportunity to post on Facebook is the point at which your crowd will see it. Furthermore this is set to be remarkable to you and your business. Keep in mind, timing isn’t everything! Verifying a definitive opportunity to post on Facebook won’t build your engagement if your substance isn’t captivating. Become more creative and you shall definitely see effective results from each of your Facebook post!


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