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Anti-littering App ‘Littergram’ offended Facebook by using ‘gram’ in its brand name

By Alex Neil Posted Sep 11, 2016 in facebook/ Insatgram/ Social Media News


Last year, Danny Lucas, a 49 year old guy from Wrotham, Kent launched an app that’s called Littergram. It’s basically an anti-littering app whose main goal is to eradicate litter from London. It emphasizes on people capturing, sharing and geo-tagging photos of litter they find on the streets of London.

The app is really admirable in its ambition but something about its name rubbed Facebook the wrong way. Facebook is not happy with the use of ‘gram’ in the brand name, as it is too similar to its product, Instagram.

Also, there is the matter of photo sharing and social features that are similar to that of Instagram too. The crux of the matter is that Facebook asked the owner of Littergram to change its name and remove ‘gram’ from it.

This thing is going on for a while and a few months back, Lucas publicly appealed to Mark Zuckerberg to change his mind and that “unreasonable demand to rebrand will kill our momentum at a time when support is building among councils and others”.

“I would like to hope that with your own personal ambitions to help our planet, that instead of spending money on lawyers and eliminating great causes such as Littergram, you will join forces with me and take this forward,” states Lucas.

The dispute seemed to be closed in May when Lucas did as the social media giant demanded and did not trademark his app’s name. He only trademarked it for t-shirts and bags, as per the agreement.

But now it seems that Facebook is still not happy and it has given Lucas a deadline to confirm that he is going to change the name of his app to something else which will not be a conflict with Facebook’s products.


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