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9 Ways To Boost Your Social Media Presence

By Alex Neil Posted Nov 12, 2015 in Facebook Marketing/ Google Marketing/ Google+/ Instagram Marketing/ meerkat/ periscope/ Social Media Marketing/ Twitter Marketing/ YouTube

Things to know about social media marketing

So, you have a business and you use social media marketing to promote it all over the world or a specific area. You have accounts on major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram. You post regularly and take the time to interact with your customers. But you don’t have as strong of a social media presence as you had hoped for.

When it comes to social media, every person and brand wants to be recognized. They want to have a solid social media presence. For that, they have highly active social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google+ etc. In addition to these, there are plenty of other small social media sites as well.

But how to build social media presence on them? That’s the real question.

To make it easy for you, here are some ways in which you can boost your social media presence:

Basic Social Media Marketing Rules:

There are a few rules or principles of social media marketing that have been repeated over and over again in countless posts about how to effectively market your brand on social media. They should be included in this post as well because there is a slight chance that you have not come across them.

1- Set your goals or destination before you start social media marketing. If you do not know where you are going, how will you get there?

2- You have to connect with your audience. When people comment on your post, make sure that you respond to them. If it is a compliment, thank them; if it is a negative review or comment, make them see your point of view in a polite manner if they are wrong but if they are right, do not hesitate to apologize. Do not ever, ever, be rude to your followers. It will make you look good in your followers’ eyes if you show some regard to their opinion.

3- Don’t spread yourself too thin by using a lot of social media platforms at once. It will make you look like you don’t have a marketing plan at all. Some social networking sites are more suitable for some businesses than others. So, think about the field that your business relates to and then decide which one or two social media platforms will be best suitable for the nature of your business and where you can be present all the time to give you followers your undivided attention.

4- Do your research. Visit your followers’ profiles and see what pages or people they are following. Look at those pages or profiles and see what they are offering that your customers like. You never know when you will find something that will inspire you or make you realize something that you are doing wrong.

5- You are dealing with real people on social media who demand your attention. If you go a long time without logging into your social media profiles, there may be a huge number of notifications and feedback that you will find overwhelming. You will probably not be able to do a thorough job of responding to all of those.
So make sure that you check into your social media accounts daily and make that a part of your daily routine along with your coffee or newspaper etc.

6- Set Opportunities For Discussion:

Keep a look out for the latest topics of discussion in your field. What is the latest hot topic in your niche? What interests your followers?

For example, let’s say that your field relates to fiction writing. You can ask your customers or followers whether they like happily ever afters or tragic endings. Now, you can ask your followers this question through polls in a simple yes or no answer. Or you can make it a book discussion like this: Happily Ever Afters or Tragic Endings? Tell us why!

There may be other topics as well like ‘What characteristics do you think should be in your ideal fiction character?’

The possibilities are endless. No matter which niche you are related to, there are always opportunities for discussions.

These discussions may give you ideas about your next product or service. They also help your followers to connect with your brand or with each other, making a string community.

7- Schedule Meeting With Your Followers:


If your followers are from different parts of the world, chances are that when you are online, many of your followers are not. So, you cannot connect with a lot of your followers because of this time difference.

An effective solution for this problem is that you schedule weekly or monthly meetings with your followers. Or you can give your followers a day or two’s notice that you will be answering questions on (e.g.) November 14, 2015 at 8:00 EST. This way all of your followers are notified and they can all be online at the same time so that you can interact with all of them.

You can do this through chatting in comments or if you are not hesitant about broadcasting yourself live, you can use Periscope or Meerkat as well (Though I prefer Periscope because everything happens in real time without any lagging).

8- Monitor Your Content:

Keep an eye on the posts that you make and monitor their progress. See which post gets more interaction among your followers. Which posts are slow to get your followers’ attention. Which posts are shared more. Which posts were controversial. Which posts prompted your followers to take some sort of action.

These are the things that you should be monitoring in order to better understand your followers. By doing this, you can be able to predict which posts will get positive reaction from your followers and which will not.

9- Make Your Followers Visit Your Website:

There is only a limited amount of characters that you can include in a post. Even if you have limitless characters at your disposal, still you cannot write a post so long that it will bore your followers.

What you can do instead is that if you have a website and you made a blog post on that website and you want your followers to visit it, you can include a teaser in your social media post with a link to your website or include a question that will make your followers visit your website to get the full story.

This is a great way to increase your website traffic and make your website better in Google Search Engine’s results.


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