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9 Secrets to attractive content for your social media strategy

By Alex Neil Posted Aug 10, 2016 in Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

Sharing your thoughts and views about something along with some images or videos is all that comes to our mind when we hear about social media. This seems a quite straight forward process but it is not that simple and easy when it comes to social media marketing. Content with good quality is the soul of marketing whether it is social media marketing or traditional marketing.

Social media marketing has become the most popular and marketable trend of today. Competition is real and intense so it is no more a piece of cake for businesses to take a distinctive place and stand out from the rest. In order to make yourself visible, you have to make sure that your content is fascinating and compelling in all manners. If your content failed to attract and fascinate others then it is the end for your marketing strategy.

Let’s see how you can make the content enchanting and interesting for your viewers.

1. Take quality images:

Take quality images whenever you click on your camera. Don’t forget that quality of images is the most important thing that draws attention of others towards your business. Use your images in a way to tell the story. For example, it’s raining and you want to share this moment with your followers. Take a good click and add some interesting lines as captions before sharing it.

2. Add more videos:

Sharing videos is the best way to communicate with audience. Recently, video sharing trend has gained very much popularity on social media. Use this option frequently to interact with your audience. Try to capture videos in good quality. You can do this using your phone even if you don’t have the expensive equipment for video making. Make your videos realistic by bringing in real life happenings. For example, it’s Olympic season so it is a right time to interact with Olympic fans.

3. Arrange live chats:

You can arrange live chat sessions with your customers. This will let you know what your audience thinks about your brand. You can gather a lot of valuable information through this which will ultimately enable you to come up with innovative stuff that your audience wants to see.

4. Involve your audience in your activities:

Give your followers a treat and let them peek behind the scenes. For example, if you are arranging a live seminar or live chats, make a video of the activities going on the set or in the office before the actual session goes on air. This will make the audience curious and their urge to be a part of your event will go high.

5. Encourage your audience to share their sweet moments:

Let your audience be a part of your advertisement campaigns like share your pic and get a chance to win something special. This is a good way of advertisement without putting extra efforts. Ask your audience to share their most favorite picture with your products or ask them to share the pic of their favorite item from your product range. These types of campaigns are cheap and they can actually do wonders for your marketing.

6. Add some humor to your posts:

Adding some humor to your posts is an indirect way to build a strong relation with your followers. The main concept of using social media platform is that people want to spend some quality time to refresh their minds. Posting something entertaining is a way to tell audience that you care for them and you want to bring some happy moments into their lives. This little effort of business can increase the engagement rate as well.

7. More visuals result in more views:

It is a common observation that visuals attract more people because they are a pleasure to the eye. They make it easier to convey your message rather than the written stuff. Visual content, especially pictures, have a great impact on audience as they can bring life to any post. So, make your posts a combination of visual content and text content.

8. Be flexible try new things:

It is the most important factor in the marketing strategy. Allow yourself to show your innovative side and bring in some creativity. Don’t be scared for trying something different. Use analytical reports to see what kind of stuff catches more eyes and what kind of stuff audience wants to see. Then according to the analysis, reshape your strategies if needed. Don’t stick to old strategies if they don’t work as per the expectations.

9. Seek help from professionals if needed:

In order to compete with the competitors, buy a professional’s services if needed. Consult a graphic designer and seek his help in order to market yourself better and stand out of the crowd. Here it is important to note that you don’t need to have a full time employee to do so. Hundreds of freelancers are available who can work for you on an assignment basis.


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