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8 Tricks For Successful Social Media Marketing

By Alex Neil Posted Jul 16, 2014 in Facebook Marketing/ Google Marketing/ Social Media News/ Twitter Marketing/ YouTube

8 Tricks For Successful Social Media Marketing

If you’re given a chance to advertise your business across the world in just a matter of seconds, would you not take it?

That’s exactly what social media does. If you have a business and want to promote it, you must consider social media marketing. Most of the business owners already have a huge audience on social networking websites and it’s helping them take their business to a whole new level. Social Media is making great progress day by day and that time is not far when it will become a necessity for every single business owner to promote their products using social media. So, are you thinking about doing the same? If yes, then you should know a few tricks and rules before you invest your money in social media sites.

1-Choose Your Pick:

There are a lot of social media sites available now that help you promote your products. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. are all helping business owners to target specific audience and prosper their business.

I suggest that you choose only one website at first to create an audience. Facebook is usually the easiest because we use it in our personal lives as well and we know how things work here. Create a page, post your content and advertise it to get views and likes. It will not happen overnight but in time, you’ll get an audience and your business will benefit from it.

Once you are satisfied that your audience is increasing then you should consider adding another social media site into your marketing strategy.

2-Blog and Social Media Page Combo:

It’s not necessary but it is good to have a blog that contains the original posts about your product/business. Then you can share the links to those posts on all of your social media pages to drive traffic to your blog. It’ll help you gain rank in Google Search which is always good if you want to promote your business.

3-Avoid Making Boring Posts:

You have to think like a consumer instead of the producer. People don’t care about your products unless you make them interesting and fun to read. Don’t bore your audience by posting about the same thing over and over because that would lose you your followers. Every now and then make surveys on your social media page and give the people a chance to express their opinion about your products and then try to act on those opinions. By doing that you prove that you care about what your audience has to say.

4-Make Your Posts Eye Candy For Your Costumers:

Research shows that visual picture has a more lasting effect on brain than any written words. Social media sites let you use this fact to your advantage. Don’t post stuff that has only written material in it. Instead try a different approach and make graphical posts that have the main summary of your post in such a way that people are attracted to read them without getting bored. It’s also a fact that people get bored while reading a full article about something and most of them just leave the article when they have only read half of what you have to say.

So make your posts eye candy for your customers in order to make people understand what you’re trying to achieve with your products.

5-Quality and Quantity:

You must have heard the phrase: Quality over quantity. But in social media marketing you have to have both quality and quantity to have some kind of an effect on people.

If your content does not have quality, your followers will soon disperse and find something that offers better quality. No one wants to read trash and waste their time. So make sure what you post is quality content.

On the other hand, while you’re focusing on quality, you have to consider on the quantity of your posts too. Don’t make posts with huge time intervals. Try to make one quality post each day and then promote it. If you post with big time intervals, people will have a hard time remembering you as they are following a lot of other companies too who regularly post quality content.

6-You Have To Be Social:

The whole point of social media is the interaction among people from all over the world. If you make posts on social media pages about your products and then just sit back and relax, it won’t do any good to you. To put it very frankly, nobody will care about your product until you give them a reason to do otherwise. You have to interact with your audience and answer all of their questions dutifully. Remember, only a healthy interaction will help you keep your audience glued to your products. You have to be social in order to make a difference.

7-Don’t Push People:

I’m sure you don’t like it when people keep pushing and bullying you. Or when they keep asking you, over and over, to do something. Or when they keep trying to get your attention. You get the idea. The same rule applies in social media advertising. You don’t want to bombard people with ads about how your products will change their lives; how they have to try them. Advertise but don’t overdo it because that would turn off many people as they also don’t like being pushed into doing something. Be subtle and you’ll gain more results.

8-Be Flexible:

Social Media is really progressing into something much bigger than we can imagine. This progress cannot be managed without certain changes. Every now and then, social media sites apply some changes that affect the way your page will be viewed by your customers. You have to be flexible and make your posts in such a way that will keep your audience connected to you. In the end, we all have to adapt to the changes around us in order to be able to survive and progress.

These tricks are in no way a complete guide for your social media marketing but they will prove to be really helpful in your way to become a force to be reckoned with.


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