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8 Musts Of Social Media Marketing

By Alex Neil Posted Nov 16, 2015 in Facebook Marketing/ Google Marketing/ Instagram Marketing/ Social Media Marketing/ Twitter Marketing

Social Media

When someone goes into social media marketing to promote their business, they think that they will get results after just a short time. And when they don’t they start thinking that maybe social media marketing is not what they were told or what they had hoped.

The thing is, they may follow a lot of pieces of advice available all over the internet but still they may not be following some hard and fast rules when it comes to social media marketing. Whenever you want to do something, there is a proper way to do it. Some basic principles that will help you do that thing in a way that will get you results.

The same is true for social media marketing as well. You must have heard the saying that some rules are meant to be broken. Well, these rules are not.

1- Haste Makes Waste:

Contrary to what it seems, social media marketing does not make businesses popular overnight. In order to make progress in your business campaigns across social media platforms, you have to be patient and be vigilant in your efforts and don’t be disheartened when it’s going slow.

2- Have A Strategy:

The very first thing that you should do is to have a strategy. Joining social media marketing just because your rivals do it is the worst mistake any business owner can do. If you don’t even have a goal in mind, how can you possible achieve it? So, set some goals for yourself and then plan how you are going to reach them. Because for reaching a destination requires having a destination in the first place.

3- Do Not Spread Yourself Too Thin:

Some Tricks For Social Media Marketing

Don’t spread yourself too thin by using a lot of social media platforms at once. It will make you look like you don’t have a marketing plan at all. Some social networking sites are more suitable for some businesses than others. For example, for authors Twitter might be best and for fashion studios Instagram might be the best choice. So, think about the field that your business relates to and then decide which one or two social media platforms will be best suitable for the nature of your business and where you can be present all the time to give you followers your undivided attention.

4- Be Responsive To Your Customers:

What will you do if you ask try to talk to someone again and again but get no response? You’ll eventually get tired and move on. That’s what your followers and customers are like too. If they ask you a question, make sure you answer them and show them that they matter to you.

5-Value Quality over Quantity:

Number of followers and fans matter and if that number is large, you profile looks more appealing. But keep in mind that you have to balance quantity with quality too. If you have 10,000 followers and only 2% of them are active, isn’t it better that you have 1000 followers 10% of them your active customers?

6- Do Not Post Same Thing on Multiple Social Media Platforms:

If you have more than one social media platforms in your marketing campaign, don’t post the same stuff on all of them. It may irritate your most loyal followers who follow you on your every social media channel.

7- Do Not Be A Salesman Through and Through:

Twitter QUick Promote

You just cannot expect people to hang onto your every word if all you talk about is how great your company is and how much your products cost. Give people some breathing room if you want them to pay attention to your brand. Otherwise, they will just move onto some other brand who is selling their products in a better way.

8- Track Your Progress:

Every social media platform offers tools that let you track the progress of your social media posts. Utilize them to know which posts are encouraging people to engage and which posts do not get any interaction. This will give you an idea about what your followers want and the you can make your future posts accordingly.

Results Speak Volumes:

In the end, no matter what pieces of advice or rules you follow for doing social media marketing, the results you get will help you decide what is best for your business. There are no universal truths when it comes to social media marketing. What works for one brand may not work for another. So, keep an eye on what works for you and what does not in order to avoid mistakes in the future.


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