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By Alex Neil Posted Dec 29, 2016 in Social Media Marketing


If you are yearning to spread the word about your services and products you are offering and you want to increase your clients then the tips mentioned in this article is worth a shot. They will help you to enhance your client base in a very low budget while consuming a short amount of time. Any business without marketing is risky in this fast growing business world. You can find hundreds of ideas to increase your revenue with very low budget.

Here are seven approaches that will help you learn how to market business in ways that cost actually nothing and these tricks will work for almost every business.

Talk to your clients

Now-a-days, business spends a huge amount of money to attract clients and it is also a wealthy opportunity to increase revenue. The Ideal way to conduct this method is talking to a client. It should be done by someone outside of the company so clients are more willing to be open.

To assess perceptions, it is not necessary to talk to hundreds of customers. Simply select 8 to 10 clients and contact them to ask if they would like to participate in a phone interview. Ask them value-based questions like problems considering the services of your company, their wishes about your products and try to address their challenges. Ask them what they value most about your company.

After gathering this information, compile it to find trends. Don’t forget to drop a ‘thank you’ letter to your clients who participated.

When you’re done with this, try to plan your business by using these key lessons from interviews. As this is the most important part to utilize what you have learned. If you are not making any changes according to your customers, it means you’ve wasted everyone’s time.

Creatively package your marketing campaigns

Marketing of business is also done by postcards. By postcards we not only mean putting a small box together with a fork, knife, spoon and a printed napkin that appeals others to have lunch. Here you have to think outside the box to receive a great impact of your marketing strategies and campaigns.

Just give extra attention to little details and don’t afraid to adopt the strategies other companies are using to increase their revenue.

Contests and giveaways

Free gifts are loved by everyone! It develops a bond of love between the client and the company. Try to give desirable or fun items to approach potential customers. Gifts like ebooks, White papers and checklists cost you nothing but your time. Items like balloons, smartphone wipes, key chains, fridge magnets, pens and notepads containing your advertisements are also very popular.

Facebook is also a platform to promote your business. By using Facebook groups try to target a huge number of clients by giving them a discount or a free trial of your products.

Try to make your marketing techniques fun and attractive to make a viral marketing effect.

Commit to e-mail marketing

Marketing via e-mail is flexible and cost-effective and also has a high impact. It brings traffic to your website and helps you to reach a wide audience. E-mail marketing allows you to market your services. E-mails should contain an appropriate message that reflects your brand. Keep your objectives very clear while doing so. The content should be valuable for your market and should be according to the people mindset.

Leverage scalable advertising channels

Mediums like TV, radio and newspaper are conventional mediums that are highly costly with the drawback that we are unable to measure effectiveness. Online advertisement is cheap with greater result. Try using Google Pay per Click ads and Facebook ads.

Also enjoy your business advertisement by listing it in online directories like Google Business for Google Maps and Yelp.

Milk the media

Capture the attention of the media as it is free marketing. Try these and invite the media to cover it.

  • Create a publicity stunt
  • Do something for the community
  • Sponsor an event by donating your products

Help yourself by helping others

Your marketing techniques should be useful to your clients. Use different ways to make these advertisements helpful to your audience.

  • Provide useful information. It’s a highly effective method to increase sales. You educate your clients on their problems and show them your care about their ambiguities.
  • Provide assistance. Giving answers relevant to client’s queries like Quora increases your audience and bring more traffic to your site.
  • Entertain your audience. Make some game of emotions by making them laugh or cry. Make your ads funny and touchy to spread your site.

All of these tips cost nothing but they are really effective if you are looking for ways to market your business successfully.


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